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National business name register

The ASIC National Business Name Register is due to go live Monday 28th May 2012! You may have heard of this but not known what it means... it is great news for small business as it means that your business name will be registered Australia wide not just for a state.  In the past if you wanted to register your business name but to stop other people from registering it in other states you would have to register as a company... this is no more.  When it goes live this is what it will mean for small business:

✔Businesses only need to register their name once on a single national register ✔Existing business names will be automatically transferred to the national business names register  ✔Cuts red tape and compliance costs for business—easier, quicker and cheaper  ✔Go online to our ASIC Connect portal—register, renew, search ✔Pay $30 to register for one year, $70 for three years

So when you need help with registering any business names, contact us as we are registered ASIC agents so can help get your name registered.

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