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Are your files too large to email?

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Dropbox has become my favourite tool for sharing files on the cloud.  Any files such as spreadsheets or word documents can be saved to the Dropbox and then accessed from any of your computers which has the Dropbox application installed or using the web browser and accessing from the secure DropBox website. Some of the uses I have found for Dropbox for myself personally and for clients include:

* For clients using MYOB, I upload a copy of the data file to Dropbox so that I can work on reports and answer any queries the client might have without the client having to wait until I am next in their office.

* Clients who don't have a regular backup system or secure offsite backup, I backup their data files to Dropbox ensuring there is a safe copy of their data file in case of the worse happening.

* For clients who do not require me to work from their office and I work from own, sharing folders are set up with the client with the MYOB data file saved in the shared Dropbox folder. This enables both myself and the client to have access to the same MYOB data file to both enter transactions and report on.

* I'm all for the paperless office and setting up a shared folder with a client enables them to put all of their electronic copies of invoices for processing which means no need to get paper copies from clients and no need to receive hundreds of emails with attachments.

* Once clients are using Dropbox they have found other uses such as having large files like catalogues or video's they need to send to customers, by placing files in the public folder they can then generate a weblink to those files instead of emailing.

For myself personally I love the ability of files syncing and being available on my computer at the office, my laptop whilst at a client or from my iPad.  No need for multiple versions of files being emailed back and forth, there is one true file and it is always backed up secure and accessible from anywhere in the world.

Best of all you can use Dropbox for free with 2GB worth of storage, if you need more than that then there are upgrade subscriptions.

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