The 5 steps of starting an online business

Kelly Migro - Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Starting an online business is easier than many people think.

1. Coming up with a product is the first and hardest part of starting an Online Business Startup. People need to think of a product they will love to sell and one that also potential clients need, so that in the end they can make a lot of money out of this. That is why you should first research the demand for that product and if you have people to market it to.

2. Your website for marketing the product needs to have a good layout and Shopping Carts should also be implemented. Regardless of how good the product might be, if the website doesn't look legitimate, people cannot get to have buyers. Many times, on Websites that don't look safe, people will think twice before giving out their credit card information. On the other hand if the website looks professional, they will feel safe doing so.

3. Sales and promotions are vital when it comes to starting out with a business online. It will not only help out with the business name, but will also give value. Furthermore, marketing the website and developing a customer base is also recommended, as traffic is the key of an online business. By submitting the website to online search engines, traffic will be increased a lot. Offline marketing is also important, even though the business is on the internet.

4. Advertising is very important when having an online business. This is because such a business cannot be seen by the potential buyer, unless the word is sent out about it. With no advertising, people will certainly have problems reaching the product's website. With that being said, it's mandatory to get as much traffic as possible. If there's no traffic, there are no visitors. If there are no visitors, then there are no sales. And if there are no sales, people can't make profits with their online business!

5. Last but not least, integration with accounting software Xero is vital. When people will purchase something from a website, their payments will need to be processed very fast and without any problems. Using it people will also find it easier to send invoice, so that payments and other related aspects of running an online business will be simplified. No more will they have to worry about dealing with software that is just too hard to understand, hard to use and overall unpleasant.

Running an online business may have been harder in the past, due to the lack of good software, but from now on those who run one such business can relax and stop worrying about it. With the available tools nowadays, businesses are not only simplified, but also improved and thus profits increased. In the end, who would choose to set aside such useful software which can even double their monthly earnings?


iPad, Cash Drawer & Printer setup - with Vend POS

Kelly Migro - Thursday, March 22, 2012

The guys at Vend POS have come out with easy to follow step by step instructions and video's of how to set up your own Point of Sale system using your iPad, a cash register and receipt printer.

You can find out more here or contact us to help you set up Vend and Xero to manage your business better.



How to use a USB barcode scanner with your iPad and Vend POS

Kelly Migro - Thursday, October 20, 2011

As Vend POS will work on an iPad I have been wondering how you could use a bar code scanner with an iPad, there are Bluetooth barcode scanners but they can be pretty expensive and not 100% proven to work with the iPad and Vend POS.  @vendhq shared a post on twitter the other day of how to attach a USB barcode scanner to your iPad. 

If you are an iPad user you will know that there are no USB ports, Apple have released an iPad Camera Connection Kit which retails for AUD $35, this has two adaptors which plug into the dock connector port. One allows the memory card from your digital camera to be inserted to allow uploading of photo's the other has a USB interface.

Using the USB adaptor, you can then plug in a USB barcode scanner and scan away.  It can then be used for doing stock take throughout a store or great for a mobile business for scanning stock for sale.

So if you are thinking about setting up a POS system, you can now use Vend, your iPad and a USB scanner life is getting easier!

Vend POS iPad USB Scanner

Does your POS stand for Point of Sale or Pile of s**t?

Kelly Migro - Saturday, October 08, 2011

Do you love your POS or think it is a Pile of s**t? The team behind Vend POS an online POS system have setup a new website for you to share your horror stories about your current POS system, in doing so you will get a free month of Vend to switch over.

Vend POS is so great because there are no large hardware or software cost outlays, you can use your existing computer, laptop, tablet, your phone or even your iPod to to run the software.  This is means it is totally mobile and affordable.

Best of all it is easy to setup, use and maintain.  It fully integrates with xero which means no double entry of transactions!

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