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Kelly Migro - Saturday, December 07, 2013

Xero is a great accounting software, however the information that is entered will only be as good as the person entering it!

It's important to make sure that you fully know how to use Xero, whether you have used another accounting software like MYOB and have converted to Xero or are using an accounting software for the first time make sure you know how to use it first.

It won't necessarily cost you a lot of money to get training, and if you know how to enter data into Xero correctly then it will save the costs which are incurred in having someone come and fix your transactions at a later date.

My first  place for training which I refer my clients to is the FREE (my favourite word and I'm sure yours too!) online Xero customer training. These are in the form of live webinars where you can ask questions directly and which are answered on the spot, or a recorded video which can be watched any time.  The Xero Customer Training covers Setting up your business on Xero, Setting up Xero Payroll and more.

Once you have done these training because they are a general training with an overview of Xero I can do a one on one training with you where we use your live Xero and enter in actual transactions specific for your business. Things that can be covered include:
  • Entering invoices
  • Emailing invoices & customer statements
  • Setting up Payroll
  • Preparing a Payrun
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Fixed Asset Register
  • and more....
Training can be initially when you set up Xero, or on an ongoing basis, and can be based from your office or online using screen sharing.  You might have Xero setup and maintaining your accounts yourself but as the year goes on you encounter new scenarios and need help on how to do this.

You may also just need some Support for a specific issue or transaction that you are trying to record in Xero.  The first place you should always visit is the Xero Business Help Centre, this is constantly updated by Xero when there are new releases and has step by step instructions on how to process within Xero including videos.

Alternatively you can contact me at e-accountant where I can put you onto a monthly support plan to help with regular queries or can help you with one off queries. Or even contact your own regular Tax Accountant. The charge of half an hour and making sure it is done right will be a lot better than the charge of 3 + hours of myself or your accountant trying to fix any mistakes because you didn't ask for help!

End of Financial Year (EOFY) - Payroll

Kelly Migro - Wednesday, June 26, 2013
It's the Australian End of Financial Year (EOFY) on Sunday, which means you need to prepare Employee Payment Summaries, or as most people call them still Group Certificates.

If you are using Xero then preparing payment summaries and the EMPDUPE file to upload to the ATO is easy, check out the video below which Xero has made giving you the instructions.  Just make sure that your payroll reconciles with your accounts first, and we can help you with that.

If you are manually preparing Payment Summaries contact us, and we can help set you up with Xero for the coming financial year so that next year is easy.

Employee Payment Summaries from Xero on Vimeo.

Xero Payroll Specialist

Kelly Migro - Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I am now a Xero Payroll Specialist! Whether you need your payroll set up in Xero or training on Xero Payroll, I can come to you in Perth or help you online!

How to check your employees have the right visa to work in Australia

Kelly Migro - Friday, April 26, 2013

So you want to employ someone to work in your business, it is your responsibility to make sure you are employing a legal worker.

A legal worker is an Australian citizen, permanent residents & People in Australia with valid visas which allow them to work, this includes New Zealand citizens. Penalties apply if you employ a worker who does not have a valid visa to work in Australia. It is your responsibility to make sure that they do have the correct visa.

The Department of Immigration & Citizenship has a new webpage which allows you to once you have asked the worker for consent to check their visa details on Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO). This allows you to then employ the worker with the knowledge that they have the correct visa, and if they have limited work rights you know what these are and only employ them within these rights.

Paycycle integration with Xero - update from Xero Road Show

Kelly Migro - Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Xero Roadshow came to Perth on Friday, I have been to the previous two events they had where it was held in a small room with about 20 Xero Partners, this time the room was at full capacity bringing in extra chairs with over 120 people.  This shows how more and more accountants and bookkeepers are embracing Xero and there will be more business using it.

Did you realise that Xero have not done any advertising in Australia, it has all been via social media and the uptake of the software has been amazing.  This shows how social media, twitter, facebook and blogging really do work! If you need help with social media make sure you contact e-assistant. However you will start to see advertising of Xero soon through banner advertising, so next time you talk about Xero and how much you love it more people will know what it is.

The main reason for attending the Xero Road Show was to find out about the Paycycle Integration into Xero.  Any of my clients requiring payroll I put them onto Paycycle paying a separate subscription for this, but mid last year it was announced that Xero had purchased Paycycle and were going to integrate it into the Xero software, and then better yet it would be included for no extra cost with the medium or large subscriptions.  This is on track to be fully integrated at the end of April and in the meantime have had to pay separately for Paycycle.  The great news is that from 1st March if you have a Xero and Paycycle subscription the Paycycle subscription will now be free! You may have to upgrade to a new pricing plan for Xero, but you will still be ahead financially.  See below to see which pricing plans suits you best with payroll:

If you are wondering why Paycycle is such a great payroll software then read more on my blog Why I am Loving Paycycle.

Why I am loving Paycycle

Kelly Migro - Thursday, September 29, 2011

Looking for a payroll software, which is fast and easy to use?

I first used paycycle because of the fact that xero didn't have payroll built into it and paycycle integrated with it, I now use paycycle because it is so easy and accurate to use.

paycycle small business payroll online

I had a new client which had their accounts prepared in MYOB by their accountant as a "favour" who didn't understand bookkeeping and payroll, due to this they just relied on what MYOB prepared for the payroll based on what information they input.  Due to this the employees did not have any leave accruals calculated in the system nor details of their superannuation and to make matters worse the employees were being overtaxed.

Don't get me wrong MYOB payroll works and calculates payroll great, but if it isn't set up correctly then all sorts of errors can occur.  Which is why paycycle is the perfect small business payroll system for anybody.  Tax tables are always up to date, and you never have to worry about whether you have uploaded the latest ones or not.

The payrun cannot be processed until everything is set up correctly, and it can take 30-60minutes to set up a new business, then 15 minutes for each employee.  Once this is done the payrun can be processed weekly, fortnightly or monthly by scheduling the paycycle and clicking a few buttons.  The bank file will even be created, which means a simple import into the internet banking, click to email the payslips to the employees and you are done.

As paycycle integrates with xero all it takes is a click of a button and the transaction automatically occurs in xero, it can also be used side by side with MYOB or Quickbooks by importing a journal and is a much cheaper option than paying annual fees for tax tables updates.

The even better news about paycycle is the fact that xero has acquired it, which means it will soon be included within xero!

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