I'm now on Google +

Kelly Migro - Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I have now added a Google+ Profile, add me to your circles.

How to check your employees have the right visa to work in Australia

Kelly Migro - Friday, April 26, 2013

So you want to employ someone to work in your business, it is your responsibility to make sure you are employing a legal worker.

A legal worker is an Australian citizen, permanent residents & People in Australia with valid visas which allow them to work, this includes New Zealand citizens. Penalties apply if you employ a worker who does not have a valid visa to work in Australia. It is your responsibility to make sure that they do have the correct visa.

The Department of Immigration & Citizenship has a new webpage which allows you to once you have asked the worker for consent to check their visa details on Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO). This allows you to then employ the worker with the knowledge that they have the correct visa, and if they have limited work rights you know what these are and only employ them within these rights.

Help my opening/conversion balances aren't saving & updating!

Kelly Migro - Thursday, September 20, 2012

In the last week there have been two requests from clients who have tried to change their opening balances of accounts and it won't save and update for them.

The reason for why the accounts balances aren't updating is because, the accounts payable and or accounts receivable balances don't match the opening Payable and Receivable invoices entered.  Xero requires all unpaid invoices whether they are to be received or paid to be entered prior to the conversion date, and the total of these much match to the dollar and cent the opening balance which is entered for the accounts.

Need more help on this, join the conversation.

Zendesk Support

Kelly Migro - Wednesday, September 19, 2012

As our client base continues to grow and to make sure that we don't miss out on an answering any questions we have now set up Zendesk to manage our support.  If you now have any support questions please email to support@eaccountant.zendesk.com or go to https://eaccountant.zendesk.com and log your support request directly from there.

ShoeBoxed now comes with our packages

Kelly Migro - Friday, May 25, 2012

From 1st May 2012 all new clients who sign up to Xero with us will include ShoeBoxed as part of their monthly charge on Bookkeeping + or higher packages.

So what is ShoeBoxed and what does it mean for you?

National Business Name Register

Kelly Migro - Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The ASIC National Business Name Register is due to go live Monday 28th May 2012! You may have heard of this but not known what it means... it is great news for small business as it means that your business name will be registered Australia wide not just for a state.  In the past if you wanted to register your business name but to stop other people from registering it in other states you would have to register as a company... this is no more.  When it goes live this is what it will mean for small business:

✔Businesses only need to register their name once on a single national register
✔Existing business names will be automatically transferred to the national business names register 
✔Cuts red tape and compliance costs for business—easier, quicker and cheaper 
✔Go online to our ASIC Connect portal—register, renew, search
✔Pay $30 to register for one year, $70 for three years

So when you need help with registering any business names, contact us as we are registered ASIC agents so can help get your name registered.

Vinsight - Wine Making Software

Kelly Migro - Monday, April 30, 2012

Vinsight is an online cloud based app for wine makers, which helps to report on the vineyard, winery and warehousing operations, with monthly pricing plans to suit your needs.  Vinsight integrates with Xero, so no doubling up of work, as invoices and purchases can integrate automatically in Xero.

Quoting and Xero Add On Solutions

Kelly Migro - Wednesday, April 25, 2012

There are two new cloud based softwares for quotes and sales proposals these are QuoteRoller and Quotient. They are both more suited to submitting sales proposals, enabling you to set up templates to be used emailed to the client and accepted electronically.  Upon acceptance they integrate with Xero to create the sales invoice, so no doubling up of work! They both have different pricing plans and both with the ability to try them out for free first.

We can help you to pick which once would best suit your business needs so contact us today.


The 5 steps of starting an online business

Kelly Migro - Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Starting an online business is easier than many people think.

1. Coming up with a product is the first and hardest part of starting an Online Business Startup. People need to think of a product they will love to sell and one that also potential clients need, so that in the end they can make a lot of money out of this. That is why you should first research the demand for that product and if you have people to market it to.

2. Your website for marketing the product needs to have a good layout and Shopping Carts should also be implemented. Regardless of how good the product might be, if the website doesn't look legitimate, people cannot get to have buyers. Many times, on Websites that don't look safe, people will think twice before giving out their credit card information. On the other hand if the website looks professional, they will feel safe doing so.

3. Sales and promotions are vital when it comes to starting out with a business online. It will not only help out with the business name, but will also give value. Furthermore, marketing the website and developing a customer base is also recommended, as traffic is the key of an online business. By submitting the website to online search engines, traffic will be increased a lot. Offline marketing is also important, even though the business is on the internet.

4. Advertising is very important when having an online business. This is because such a business cannot be seen by the potential buyer, unless the word is sent out about it. With no advertising, people will certainly have problems reaching the product's website. With that being said, it's mandatory to get as much traffic as possible. If there's no traffic, there are no visitors. If there are no visitors, then there are no sales. And if there are no sales, people can't make profits with their online business!

5. Last but not least, integration with accounting software Xero is vital. When people will purchase something from a website, their payments will need to be processed very fast and without any problems. Using it people will also find it easier to send invoice, so that payments and other related aspects of running an online business will be simplified. No more will they have to worry about dealing with software that is just too hard to understand, hard to use and overall unpleasant.

Running an online business may have been harder in the past, due to the lack of good software, but from now on those who run one such business can relax and stop worrying about it. With the available tools nowadays, businesses are not only simplified, but also improved and thus profits increased. In the end, who would choose to set aside such useful software which can even double their monthly earnings?


iPad, Cash Drawer & Printer setup - with Vend POS

Kelly Migro - Thursday, March 22, 2012

The guys at Vend POS have come out with easy to follow step by step instructions and video's of how to set up your own Point of Sale system using your iPad, a cash register and receipt printer.

You can find out more here or contact us to help you set up Vend and Xero to manage your business better.



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